If we could connect to a Print on Demand provider like Printify it would be a major boon. This would allow non-profits to provide shirts, etc on-demand without having to hold stock and handle shipping. We could effectively remove the worst part of merch gifts: pre-buying merch gifts/having unused sizes/leftovers.
How Print on Demand works:
When someone makes an order, it goes direct to a print shop that prints and fulfills/ships. that's it. no holding products.
If you could do an integration that would be... AMAZING.
Use cases:
I'm thinking of it as a donation gift situation.
You might see a givebutter type store and people can buy an item knowing that the proceeds go direct as a donation, or when giving a general gift:
"At the $50 level you'll receive the [Organization] t-shirt!"
and on the backend I could see an "associated gift" selection - so I could multi select "mug, shirt, art print" for someone who gave $xx or just a mug.
Or "no gift"
Then that triggers to send the order to the printer company/printify
So now people can donate by purchasing something the organization designs but the org doesn't need to allocate pre-purchased resources or a "merch person" - frees up capital both $$$ and humans.
The big kicker is that technically you can do this by setting up a "woo commerce" store - but as a non-profit that would mean we are selling something, which means we're dealing with profits. We want to just associate a gift and have it sent our direct.
So - could be a pretty sweet addition for givebutter to nudge out the premade ecommerce networks for non-profits, so non-profits can be more streamlined and efficient.
I would be more than happy to discuss/strategize/test/etc.