Redesigned Email Receipts 🧾
We've rebuilt our email receipts from the ground up 🎊 Our new design features a cleaner, more streamlined look while displaying a lot more relevant information.
🙏Thank you message
- When adding a custom thank you message, we now support line breaks and HTML content.
🖥 Campaign
- A new campaign section highlights your campaign and organization, with a link to your Givebutter page.
Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 2
🏆Verified Non-profits and EIN
- If you're a verified organization on Givebutter, we now display the yellow verification badge as well as your EIN.
🖼 Custom Donation
- This new section highlights the member credited and displays the message or visual left by the donor.
💛 Dedication
- If a donor left a dedication, they'll now see that information on their receipt.
🎟 Tickets & Event Details
- A redesigned ticketing and event section makes things more clear and easier to read.
Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 3
- A new share bar allows easy sharing of your campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 3
The new email receipts are live starting today! Make a donation and see for yourself 😀
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Dedications (In honor / in memory of) 💟
Donors can now dedicate their donations in honor or in memory of someone. 💛
How it works
Dedication Donor Flow
Dedications is available starting today on all Givebutter plans. You can turn on the feature for your account by navigating to the "Account Settings" page from inside your Dashboard:
Dedication Dashboard Setting
Donors can check a box before completing their donation to give in honor or in memory of someone. If they do so, the donor can choose between "In Memory Of" or "In Honor Of", add the honoree's name, and optionally add a recipient to receive an email notification about the dedication.
- Dedication data has been added to donation exports.
- Dedication data has been added to the Donations tab in your dashboard.
To read more about how Dedications work, head to the Help Center article.
Other Bug Fixes and Improvements 🐛
Bullet point indentation bug fix
. We've fixed a bug that caused bullet points to have incorrect indentation on campaign stories.
Team member display bug
. We've fixed a bug that caused team members to appear on the page, even when team fundraising was turned off.
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Introducing Apple Pay and Google Pay 📱
Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay are all now available as payment methods on Givebutter 🎉
How it works
Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay (also known as digital wallets) are all enabled by default across every campaign on Givebutter. Donation forms will automatically show the correct button based on browser and availability.
PixelSnap 2019-10-15 at 18
⚡️ When donors pay using one of these digital wallets, they are not required to manually enter their contact or billing information. We automatically receive contact and billing information from their digital wallets and save it along with their transaction, which allows for a significantly faster and easier giving experience.
A couple notes on compatibility:
  • For any of the digital wallet buttons to appear, donors must have a saved card in their respective wallet and be visiting the site from a supported browser.
  • Digital wallets will not be available when making recurring donations. This is a limitation that we cannot control at the moment. We are looking into ways to make this work for the future.
  • Some digital wallets are not compatible with iFrames, and will not appear on any embedded forms.
To read more about how Apple Pay and other digital wallets works, head to the Help Center article.
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Givebutter Express ⚡️
We're so excited to introduce
Givebutter Express
- a new way for donors to give in 15 seconds or less. Givebutter already integrates with Stripe, PayPal, and Venmo for fast and secure giving, and today we're taking the donor experience one step further.
How it works
When you turn on Givebutter Express, donors are able to checkout using PayPal or Venmo without entering a billing address. And, when using PayPal, we'll automatically pre-fill the donor's first and last name as well as their email! Remember, if you choose to enable Givebutter Express you won't be able to collect donor addresses.
Givebutter Express
Givebutter Express is available starting today on all Givebutter plans. You can turn on the feature for any Campaign by navigating to the "Settings" tab from inside its Campaign Manager in the dashboard:
Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 10
More New Features, Bug Fixes, and Improvements 🆕
Tickets required to attend event
. We've added a new way to show visitors on your campaign that tickets are required to attend. In your dashboard, just enable this setting under the Events tab and we'll add a little note on your page and email receipts.
Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 9
Campaign Publishing
. Not ready to launch your campaign? Now you can un-publish your campaign until you're done setting it up.
Redesigned checkout screen
. We've redesigned our checkout screen to make it faster and simpler for donors to give.
Account-level custom thank you message
. You can now add an account-wide thank you message that will apply to every campaign on your account. If you'd like to override this message on an individual campaign, you can do so by setting a thank you message in the campaign settings tab of your dashboard.
Ability to change campaign type in dashboard
. We've added the ability to change your campaign type (Collect, Fundraise, Events) directly in the dashboard.
Image orientation bug fix
. We've fixed a bug that caused images to sometimes be uploaded sideways.
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Introducing Givebutter Pro 🎊
Today we're excited to introduce Givebutter Pro! With Givebutter Pro, you gain access to additional features that'll take your fundraising to the next level.
Givebutter Pro Includes:
Account analytics
Get real-time insights on activity across your entire account.
Third-Party Integrations
Send data from Givebutter to thousands of third-party apps (Zapier).
Advanced fundraising formats
Utilize complex fundraising campaign formats and pages.
Enable your donors to give in seconds, right from a text on their phones.
Remove Givebutter branding
from your embeds.
Chapter fundraising availability
Link fully-autonomous, managed sub-accounts.
Priority support
The best and fastest way to get help from the Givebutter team.
We'll be adding new and exclusive features to Givebutter Pro in the future. To see our roadmap and request a feature, visit our Community Portal.
How to Upgrade:
Starting today, you're able to upgrade to Givebutter Pro directly in your Dashboard. From your Dashboard, visit your account Settings, and then click the Billing tab. You'll see a blue "Upgrade to Pro" button. It's that easy!
To see full pricing and plan details, visit our pricing page.
Automated Donor Invites 🚀
We're excited to introduce Automated Donor Invites, available on all fundraising campaigns today. Automated email sharing is the best and fastest way to meet your fundraising campaign goals without spending hours and hours doing 1-1 outreach.
Highlighted Features
💌 When you enter an email address, Givebutter will send an email inviting the person to donate to your campaign
🥳 When someone donates using your invite, we'll credit that donation to you
🧐 We use intelligent link tracking to ensure you get credit for a donor, even if they don't use the invite link directly
📨 We'll send automatic email reminders every few days, if the people you've invited haven't donated yet
🖥 View all the people you've invited to donate and see if they've donated yet or not
👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 All members on your team can use this tool to share with their friends and family
💰 View how many emails each member sent out and how many converted to donors
How to get started
For full details on how to use automated donor invites, see this help center article:
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Weekly Improvements - August 9th
🌄 Actual cover photo sizes
By default cover photos on your Fundraise pages are automatically resized to fit different device sizes. Sometimes, this functionality isn't desired (ex: when a cover photo contains text). You can now choose to use the actual cover photo size and dimensions. In the Details tab of your campaign dashboard you'll notice a new switch to turn this on.
All Payouts are now free.
We've removed the $3 fee on payouts under $1,000, so you keep more of the money you raise.
Read more button for long descriptions.
On Collect campaigns with long descriptions, we've added a Read more button.
Collect campaigns now feature an account info bar.
This info bar shows information about your organization (like your EIN, if applicable), as well as social icons for sharing.
Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 1
Bug Fixes
  • Commas on the checkout page now appear correctly
  • Fixed a few bugs when using embedded forms on certain sites
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Recurring Donations [BETA] 🎉
We're excited to announce that monthly recurring donations is officially available in beta. If you're interested in being part of our beta program, let us know by messaging us on the bottom right hand corner of our site.
Highlighted features
  • Accept monthly recurring donations using credit cards, Venmo, and PayPal
  • Donors can update, pause, or cancel their plan at anytime
  • We'll handle the customer support so you don't have to
  • Works seamlessly with embedded forms
  • View and manage all recurring donations in your Dashboard
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