February Improvements
Major Releases
General Improvements
  • Account admins can toggle supporter feed notifications on and off for all campaigns or on a per campaign basis. This can be toggled from
  • Increased size of
    Download Ticket
    icon on the transactions details view for admins.
  • Resolved several issues that prevented donations from successfully syncing to Bloomerang.
  • Fixed bullet list styling in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors to ensure text size is consistent with non-bulleted text.
  • Added a "Campaign Code" column to the Campaigns table on the "All Campaigns" page.
  • Campaign countdown timer will now show the number of months and weeks remaining (ex. 1 month 3 weeks remaining) so that it is more accurate when there is more than a month left in a campaign.
  • Sharing a campaign team member page via email will now link to that team member’s page instead of the campaign page.
  • Click “Load more” team members from a team page w/ more than 12 members should no longer load all members for the entire campaign.
  • Launched the Givebutter Status page: https://status.givebutter.com/. This page will display the status for: Fundraising Pages, the API, the Dashboard, and the Marketing Site.
  • The donate modal on campaign pages will no longer close when clicking on the background and instead only on the X button.
  • The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor for auction item descriptions now has an emoji picker.
  • When using an auction filter, results will now sort by ending soonest first.
  • When searching on the auctions page, a message now appears if there are no results matching a search.
Transaction Imports
The ability to import transactions is here! You can now have a full view of your donors and their giving history in Givebutter by tracking donations that occurred outside of Givebutter.
With the release of transaction imports, you can now import your organization's historical transactions or offline transactions that were not recorded in Givebutter.
How to import transactions
, you can click
New Import
An Import transactions modal will appear. From here, you can manually enter transactions directly into the spreadsheet UI or you can upload transactions from a file.
You can use this template when importing transactions from a file.
Columns with an asterisk are required. If a column has a tooltip, you can hover over it to see a description of that column and any notes or required formatting.
When uploading a file, you will be taken through several steps to:
  • Indicate whether or not you have column headers
  • Confirm the mapping of your columns to the appropriate field
  • Review your import. When reviewing, you can identify rows with problems or show any modifications that were made in the prior step.
  • Once you've reviewed your import you can submit.
Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 2
Once you've submitted your import, via manual entry or file upload, you'll see a message confirming your submission. You will be notified via email once the import is complete. You can see the status of your import by clicking the link in the email or from the
page, by clicking
Import History
Once your import is complete, you will get an email letting you know that the import has finished. You can click the
View Imports
link to view more details about the import.
If an import has no failed rows, you'll see the number of rows that were successfully imported.
If rows failed, you will see:
  • The number of rows that failed
  • The specific rows that failed
New Transaction Fields
Campaign Title:
  • Allows you to attribute transactions to campaigns that do not exist in Givebutter
  • If a campaign with this title does NOT exist in Givebutter, we will create a new
    campaign. If a campaign with this title does exist, we will attribute the transaction to the matching campaign.
  • The
    Campaign Title
    field will be ignored if there is a value in the
    Campaign Code
  • Campaigns created through a transaction import will appear in your list of all campaigns with the
    tag. External campaigns are not editable and do not have a public facing campaign page.
  • External campaigns will appear in the Campaigns filter.
External Label:
  • Allows you to list the external source of the imported transactions
External ID:
  • Allows you to list the transaction id that appears in your external source.
  • Allows you to easily tie together transactions from an external source to Givebutter if needed in the future.
Acknowledged Date:
  • The date that a gift was acknowledged
Check Number:
  • If a donation was made via check, you can list the check number.
  • This field also appears in the transaction details view and is editable.
Check Deposit Date:
  • If a donation was made via check, you can list the date that the check was deposited to your organization's bank.
  • This field also appears in the transaction details view and is editable.
New Transaction Filters
  • Check deposited: Allows you to filter transactions made via check by whether or not they have been deposited.
  • Creation type: Allows you to filter by whether or not a transaction is External.
  • External label: Allows you to filter using any
    External Labels
    you added when importing external transactions.
For reference
December + January Improvements
Major Feature Releases
General Improvements
We've made a number of improvements to the
home tab
on the dashboard in Givebutter.
  • Updated the onboarding flow for new accounts.
  • Added advanced reporting that allows filter donation activity by date and campaign. Additionally, the donation volume chart and cards show you the percentage change compared to the previous time period.
  • Made it easier to setup a Givebutter Element from the dashboard.
We've also rolled out updates to a number of other features within Givebutter:
  • Live display can now display on screens with a minimum size of 900px by 600px.
  • Added unsubscribe filter to SMS.
  • Draft messages in Engage will now show the estimated number of recipients.
  • Admins and donors will receive a notification every time someone comments on an activity in a campaign supporter feed.
  • You can can now click "View" from the
    Auction Item
    details page to open up the public-facing auction item page in a new tab.
  • QR codes for Auction Items can be exported. You can export QR codes only or QR codes & item details.
  • An auction can be deleted or canceled. If an auction has received no bids, you can delete it. If the auction has received one or more bids, you'll be able to cancel the auction. Any items that have already ended and have a winner will be marked as won.
  • Bids that are disqualified will no longer show on the bid history feed for an auction.
  • You can now add a manual bid on behalf of a registered bidder. You can do this from the
    Auction Item
    details page on the auctions dashboard. The amount entered will be the current bid amount for that bidder.
Givebutter's Mobile App: Fundraise Anywhere
In-person donations has been one of the most requested features for Givebutter. Our mobile app offers this and more!
With our mobile app, you can:
  • Accept in-person donations via a card reader
  • Check-in event attendees
  • Get live campaign updates
  • View transactions
  • View contacts
Currently, the app is only available on iOS and is coming soon to Android.
Getting Started
Feature Overview
Home view
  • Lists all campaigns, with details like amount raised, number of supporters, goal (if set), event details (for events), and campaign type.
  • Clicking into a campaign will show you all donations associated with that campaign. If you click into an event, you'll also see ticket details.
  • On the donation details screen, you can click into an individual transaction to see information about the donor and their transaction.
  • On the ticket details screen, you can search for ticket holders, see whether or not attendees are checked in, see the ticket type, and check in your guests.
Collecting donations
  • You can accept donations with a Stripe M2 card reader or enter cash/check donations. You can order a card reader or use a Stripe M2 Card Reader that you already own.
  • Donors can select from 4 default donation levels or can enter in a custom amount. Covering fees is enabled by default for donors. The fees for all credit card donations made through the app are a 1% platform fee and the 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee.
  • When collecting a donation, you can attribute the donation to an existing contact or create a new contact.
Scanning tickets
  • Event attendees can be checked-in via the app's QR code scanner or manual entry.
  • When manually checking in a guest, you can search by name or ticket number.
  • You can check in guests or uncheck them in by clicking an individual ticket or swiping the ticket to the left. This will reveal a "Check-in" or "Uncheck" action.
Transactions view
  • Lists all transactions associated with your account on Givebutter. To find a specific transaction, you can scroll or use the search bar.
  • Clicking into a specific transaction will take you to a transaction details page. Here you'll see information about the donor and their transaction.
Contacts view
  • Lists all contacts associated with your organization in Givebutter. To find a specific contact, you can scroll or use the search bar.
  • Clicking into a contact will take you to a contact details page. Here you'll see the contacts email and phone number with shortcuts to email, text, or call them.
Bulk End of Year Contact reports
Just in time for the end of the year, we've streamlined the process to export End of Year (EOY) Contact reports for all of your contacts with one click.
From the
screen, you can click
EOY Reports
A modal will appear that allows you to select the year you'd like to export. Select the year you're looking to export and click
Export Selected Year
This will generate a zip file of individual EOY reports for all of your contacts.
You can see your
Export History
by clicking
View History
from the EOY reports modal. You can re-download any reports that you've already generated from this screen as well.
If you're only looking to download a handful of individual End of Year contact reports, you can still do this from an individual contact under
November 2022 Improvements!
Auctions Improvements
Since Auctions has launched, we've been listening and introduced several improvements in November as well as addressed a number of issues reported by admins.
Sold Items Exports
  • You can now export sold items from the "Winning Bids" tab. Click "Export Sold Items" and an email will be sent when your export is ready.
  • You can now edit the start/end dates of an auction and/or items if the auction has already started. Previously these were uneditable once an auction or bidding on an item started. Keep in mind, changing the end date of an auction or item
    the auction has ended will not re-list that item.
  • Thank you emails for won auction items should render HTML properly and not display HTML tags.
  • Resolved issue caused custom auction item dates to revert to the auctions start/end date in certain cases.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented images from appearing in item descriptions
General Improvements
In Engage, the
tab was renamed to
to more accurately reflect the status of messages shown in this view. The
tab displays messages that are queued for sending or are in the process of being sent. The
tab now only contains messages that were actually sent.
  • Fixed issue that prevented account admins from editing roles or deleting other admins.
  • Email content should no longer overflow when expanded on a contact's timeline
  • General performance improvements to Engage, enabling it to be more scalable for large messages.
  • Fixed a bug that caused imports to fail when extra white space existed in certain values.
  • Improved error messaging for Engage phone number search.
  • Fixed a bug that caused very long Engage emails to fail without warning
  • Fixed a bug related to the team fundraising link not working when no team members existed
  • Fixed a bug where ACH was not working on some embedded forms
  • Fixed a bug related to domain validation during signup
📺 Live Display
With in-person events ramping back up, we now have a way for you to bring the excitement of your campaign to in-person events using our new
Live Display
feature. Showcase your campaign's progress on the big-screen and watch your totals and supporter feed update in real-time as gifts are made. Did we mention that there's confetti?
Live Display Features
Amount Raised
  • Displays the total amount raised and number of donations your campaign has received.
  • If you have a goal set on your campaign, this will also be displayed.
  • These stats will increment in real-time as donations are made to your campaign.
Supporter Feed
  • Donations are displayed as they're made to your campaign.
  • Donation cards include donation amount, donor name, and how long ago the donation was made.
  • Donors who give anonymously will not have their name displayed publicly.
  • Donors who hide their donation amounts will not have the amount shown.
  • Donors can scan the QR code using their phones to access your campaign page directly.
  • Donors can text your campaign's keyword to directly access your page or event.
  • Requires accounts to have Text-to-Donate enabled on their accounts. You can learn how to do this here.
Choose one of our four themes when setting up Live Display
  • Aurora
  • Blossom
  • Moonlight
  • Seafoam
To learn more about how to setup and configure
Live Display
checkout our "How to launch and configure your Live Display" article in the Givebutter Help Center.
🔔 My Notifications
We have a great, new way to manage your notifications in the dashboard. All of your notification settings are now centrally located under Account ➡️ Settings ➡️ My Notifications.
Gone are the days of navigating to each campaign to manage its notifications—manage all of your campaigns individually under “Individual Campaigns”.
We also added toggling notifications on/off account-wide as a special treat! No need to manage campaigns individually unless you really need to.
New Notification Controls
We expanded the notifications that are within your control. In addition to being notified about new transactions, we added the following:
  • Ongoing recurring donations
    - Sent when a recurring donation is automatically made to a campaign.
  • Recurring plan event
    - Sent when a recurring plan is: canceled, paused, resumed, updated, or fails a transaction.
  • Team member registered
    - Sent when a new team member joins a campaign.
Navigation Changes
Along with these updates, we took the liberty of updating the Account Settings navigation to be more intuitive. The “Branding” and “Landing Page” tabs are now sub-tabs under the “About” tab. The “Tools” tab has been broken up and redistributed as sub-tabs under the new “Settings” tab, which is also where you’ll find “My Notifications”.
📢 Do you have something you'd love to see changed or added to Givebutter? Visit https://community.givebutter.com to share your thoughts with our team.
📊 Advanced Filtering
You've asked and now
Advanced Filtering
is here! The Dashboard's filtering and reporting systems have been completely reworked and re-imagined in what may be
our most powerful feature yet
. Create simple or advanced queries using the
new filter bar
, found on the Campaigns, Transactions, Plans, Tickets, and Engage pages.
How it Works
Every filter that you create is powered by what we call
"filter groups"
. A filter group is a related set of filters. An individual filter can be thought of, for example, as
"contacts who joined before Jan 1, 2018"
"transactions that are below $50"
. Inside a filter group, you can flexibly add as many of these individual filters as you desire; you can then decide if you want the query to use
. The difference between
is that with
, each filter is
built upon each other
, meaning you'll really be dialing in to a specific dataset that you have in mind.
is more flexible as you will see results that have
overlapping properties
based on the filters you selected.
You've finally crafted the perfect filter. Save it as a Segment! Segments are your way of saving filter groups. When editing a filter, all you need to do is click the
"Save as Segment"
button, type a name, and save. Your Segment will show up anytime you come back to the page. Even better, you can quickly apply your Segment using the 🔽 button at any time.
Presets are a great way to getting familiar with the new filtering system. A Preset is a
pre-configured filter group
. Add a Preset by visiting the Presets tab in the popover or clicking the 🔽 button and clicking any of the available Presets.
Available Presets:
    - Supporters who gave “Last Year But Unfortunately Not This” year
    - Supporters who gave “Some Year But Unfortunately Not This” year
  • One-time Donors
    - Supporters who have only given once.
We plan on adding a ton more Presets soon and would love to hear from you on which you'd like to see added.
Detaching Presets
While we've created some great Presets to get you started, you may want to customize the set of filters included within the Preset. To do this, just click
within the Preset. By detahcing the preset, you'll unravel it's set of filters into a standard filter group which will allow you to customize it to your needs.
Relational Filters
Relational filters allow you to filter your data based on a related resource. For example, you may want to filter your Contacts by the Transactions or Tickets that are connected to it. You can do this by visiting the appropriate tab within the filter popover.
Relational Counts
We've also included a way to filter by the number of related records contained in the result set of your relational filter. As an example, you may want to filter by Contacts who have only donated once. You can accomplish this by applying a Transaction Count filter, as shown below.
Has / Doesn't Have Filters
In some cases, you want to filter by the presence or absence of related records. For example, if you wanted to find Contacts that don't have Transactions of greater than $100, you can apply this filter.
Multiple Filter Groups
As you may have noticed, we haven't been talking about just one filter group, but rather
filter groups
. Yes, you can actually combine
multiple filter groups
. What this means is that you can create an entire filter group and query it against another one (or many more). The filter engine was made to scale, and we are excited to see what you come up with.
Action Bars
Our Action Bars have been revamped into a menu-like experience. On the Contacts page, this is where you'll be able to toggle between
contacts, as well as start an Export and Import.
📢 Do you have something you'd love to see changed or added to Givebutter? Visit https://community.givebutter.com to share your thoughts with our team.
The Right Tools for Recurring Donations
In addition to providing your organization with a sustainable revenue source, recurring giving on Givebutter creates a
hassle-free experience
for your donors. Today, we've launched several key improvements to take that even further.
🔁 All-New Recurring Donation Page
We're introducing a redesigned page for your donors to manage their recurring donation. It features an improved layout and lots of new information:
  • Added "Next bill date" and "Bill day of month"
  • Added payment method icon and last 4 digits when applicable
  • Improved the experience of creating and linking a user account to your plan
Clicking "Edit" lets your donors quickly edit their plan without needing to create an account. Here are just some of the new capabilities:
  • Added the ability to Cancel your recurring donation and select a cancelation reason
  • Added the ability to Pause your recurring donation indefinitely or for a specific length
  • Added the ability to resume paused plans
  • Added the ability to update your contact email for your recurring donation
  • Added the ability to edit your donation amount, fee, tip, and frequency
💬 New Notifications
We've add several new email notifications. Now, when a donor updates, cancels, pauses, or resumes their donations, you'll be notified. In addition, we'll also send the donor an email confirmation when they take action on their plan.
✅ Recent Platform Improvements
  • Added ability to set an account-wide timezone for the Dashboard. All dates and graphs will now display data in the selected timezone. If nothing is set manually, the timezone will default to your computer's local timezone.
  • Added ability to import Contact subscription status. Learn more
  • Contact info that isn't essential for assessing a contact's uniqueness can now be updated when the contact is re-added and detected as a duplicate. The field must be empty for the new value to apply. It will not overwrite existing data. Those fields are: middle_name, dob, company, title, twitter_url, linkedin_url, facebook_url. The note field is a special case where we will append the new note to the existing note (if the new note doesn't match the existing note).
  • Added the ability to see which filters were applied in Engage History
  • Improved the sort order of Engage messages, so ones currently being sent don't appear at the bottom.
  • You can now search by more than just area code for Engage SMS
  • Added a message informing users that links in Engage SMS will be shortened
  • Added display_name to team members API endpoint
  • Separated out the address fields in the Contact export
⚒️ Recent Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a validation issue triggered when importing the same recurring plans that were subsequently deleted
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Tools tab to crash when a campaign assigned to a keyword was deleted
  • Fixed a bug related to image validation in the supporter feed
  • Fixed an issue with transactions not exporting in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with timestamps in the Contact timeline note type
  • Fixed a bug related to the unsubscribe functionality of contacts
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when deleting and re-adding an Engage domain
  • Fixed an issue where not all campaigns were appearing for Elements
  • Fixed a bug that caused QR PDFs not to generate properly
  • Fixed an issue where team member scores weren't calculated correctly
📢 Do you have something you'd love to see changed or added to Givebutter? Visit https://community.givebutter.com to share your thoughts with our team.
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