We have a Givebutter paid subscription through our Bloomerang contract. We are very pleased overall, but a few aspects of the GB>BR integration are causing extra work on our end. 1) Sometimes we have local businesses or organizations donate, but there is no way to identify these as such through the integration. Since Bloomerang categorizes each constituent as either an individual or organization, this means all constituents that are being migrated over from GB are done so as an individual and we have to manually catch that and change the type over to organization 2) there is something amiss with the way GB sends over the name information IF someone uses a middle initial. E.g. if I entered my name as Mary M Woody while donating through GB, with M being my middle initial, it is landing in Bloomerang as my first name = "Mary M". The issue here is that because Mary is different from Mary M, the BR system doesn't recognize it as a match and is creating a new donor each time 3) the GB transaction ID number is not listed anywhere in the transaction/donation information (e.g. donation Notes section). We have a Finance team here and they need those to match up in a report for their reconciliation. It does appear in the Email interaction Notes, but that doesn't help us when trying to run reports on the transaction. There isn't a way to add that email Interaction into a Transaction report, since they aren't linked in BR in any way, 4) Lastly, it would be wonderful if there were a way to create our own Custom Fields including Transaction based fields and Constituent based fields AND to then match them into BR. Thank you for all that you do - we are very happy with GB and the integration with BR overall.