Custom Fields is out of beta + Automated Payouts 🤩
Several months ago we released Custom Fields in Beta. Today, we're excited to announce that Custom Fields is out of beta and can be managed directly in your Dashboard.
Custom Fields
✏️ Create
- Create a new custom field and choose from five field types.
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🔨 Edit
- Build your custom fields to suit your needs. Add a title, description, and make them required.
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💻 Manage
- Come back anytime to update or delete your custom fields.
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🖨 Export
- Export your custom fields by visiting the Transactions tab. Custom field will now be included with transaction exports when you select a single campaign.
Automated Payouts
💰 Automate withdrawals
- On Givebutter, all payouts made to your bank account are reviewed and manually approved by our fraud and security team. This helps ensure a safe platform for donors. For accounts with a history on Givebutter, and who provide verifiable information about their organization, we may elect to upgrade you to Automated Payouts:
🎉 More new features
🖨 Export payout history
- You can now export your payout history to a CSV. To do so, visit the Payouts tab in the dashboard, click the Payouts History tab and click Export to CSV.
🖨 Export campaigns
- We've also added a way to export your campaigns to a CSV. To do so, just visit the Campaigns tab and click Export to CSV. The list of exported fields can be found here.
📢 Do you have something you’d love to see changed or added to Givebutter? Visit to share your thoughts with our team.