📺 Live Display
With in-person events ramping back up, we now have a way for you to bring the excitement of your campaign to in-person events using our new
Live Display
feature. Showcase your campaign's progress on the big-screen and watch your totals and supporter feed update in real-time as gifts are made. Did we mention that there's confetti?
Live Display Features
Amount Raised
  • Displays the total amount raised and number of donations your campaign has received.
  • If you have a goal set on your campaign, this will also be displayed.
  • These stats will increment in real-time as donations are made to your campaign.
Supporter Feed
  • Donations are displayed as they're made to your campaign.
  • Donation cards include donation amount, donor name, and how long ago the donation was made.
  • Donors who give anonymously will not have their name displayed publicly.
  • Donors who hide their donation amounts will not have the amount shown.
  • Donors can scan the QR code using their phones to access your campaign page directly.
  • Donors can text your campaign's keyword to directly access your page or event.
  • Requires accounts to have Text-to-Donate enabled on their accounts. You can learn how to do this here.
Choose one of our four themes when setting up Live Display
  • Aurora
  • Blossom
  • Moonlight
  • Seafoam
To learn more about how to setup and configure
Live Display
checkout our "How to launch and configure your Live Display" article in the Givebutter Help Center.
🔔 My Notifications
We have a great, new way to manage your notifications in the dashboard. All of your notification settings are now centrally located under Account ➡️ Settings ➡️ My Notifications.
Gone are the days of navigating to each campaign to manage its notifications—manage all of your campaigns individually under “Individual Campaigns”.
We also added toggling notifications on/off account-wide as a special treat! No need to manage campaigns individually unless you really need to.
New Notification Controls
We expanded the notifications that are within your control. In addition to being notified about new transactions, we added the following:
  • Ongoing recurring donations
    - Sent when a recurring donation is automatically made to a campaign.
  • Recurring plan event
    - Sent when a recurring plan is: canceled, paused, resumed, updated, or fails a transaction.
  • Team member registered
    - Sent when a new team member joins a campaign.
Navigation Changes
Along with these updates, we took the liberty of updating the Account Settings navigation to be more intuitive. The “Branding” and “Landing Page” tabs are now sub-tabs under the “About” tab. The “Tools” tab has been broken up and redistributed as sub-tabs under the new “Settings” tab, which is also where you’ll find “My Notifications”.
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📊 Advanced Filtering
You've asked and now
Advanced Filtering
is here! The Dashboard's filtering and reporting systems have been completely reworked and re-imagined in what may be
our most powerful feature yet
. Create simple or advanced queries using the
new filter bar
, found on the Campaigns, Transactions, Plans, Tickets, and Engage pages.
How it Works
Every filter that you create is powered by what we call
"filter groups"
. A filter group is a related set of filters. An individual filter can be thought of, for example, as
"contacts who joined before Jan 1, 2018"
"transactions that are below $50"
. Inside a filter group, you can flexibly add as many of these individual filters as you desire; you can then decide if you want the query to use
. The difference between
is that with
, each filter is
built upon each other
, meaning you'll really be dialing in to a specific dataset that you have in mind.
is more flexible as you will see results that have
overlapping properties
based on the filters you selected.
You've finally crafted the perfect filter. Save it as a Segment! Segments are your way of saving filter groups. When editing a filter, all you need to do is click the
"Save as Segment"
button, type a name, and save. Your Segment will show up anytime you come back to the page. Even better, you can quickly apply your Segment using the 🔽 button at any time.
Presets are a great way to getting familiar with the new filtering system. A Preset is a
pre-configured filter group
. Add a Preset by visiting the Presets tab in the popover or clicking the 🔽 button and clicking any of the available Presets.
Available Presets:
    - Supporters who gave “Last Year But Unfortunately Not This” year
    - Supporters who gave “Some Year But Unfortunately Not This” year
  • One-time Donors
    - Supporters who have only given once.
We plan on adding a ton more Presets soon and would love to hear from you on which you'd like to see added.
Detaching Presets
While we've created some great Presets to get you started, you may want to customize the set of filters included within the Preset. To do this, just click
within the Preset. By detahcing the preset, you'll unravel it's set of filters into a standard filter group which will allow you to customize it to your needs.
Relational Filters
Relational filters allow you to filter your data based on a related resource. For example, you may want to filter your Contacts by the Transactions or Tickets that are connected to it. You can do this by visiting the appropriate tab within the filter popover.
Relational Counts
We've also included a way to filter by the number of related records contained in the result set of your relational filter. As an example, you may want to filter by Contacts who have only donated once. You can accomplish this by applying a Transaction Count filter, as shown below.
Has / Doesn't Have Filters
In some cases, you want to filter by the presence or absence of related records. For example, if you wanted to find Contacts that don't have Transactions of greater than $100, you can apply this filter.
Multiple Filter Groups
As you may have noticed, we haven't been talking about just one filter group, but rather
filter groups
. Yes, you can actually combine
multiple filter groups
. What this means is that you can create an entire filter group and query it against another one (or many more). The filter engine was made to scale, and we are excited to see what you come up with.
Action Bars
Our Action Bars have been revamped into a menu-like experience. On the Contacts page, this is where you'll be able to toggle between
contacts, as well as start an Export and Import.
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The Right Tools for Recurring Donations
In addition to providing your organization with a sustainable revenue source, recurring giving on Givebutter creates a
hassle-free experience
for your donors. Today, we've launched several key improvements to take that even further.
🔁 All-New Recurring Donation Page
We're introducing a redesigned page for your donors to manage their recurring donation. It features an improved layout and lots of new information:
  • Added "Next bill date" and "Bill day of month"
  • Added payment method icon and last 4 digits when applicable
  • Improved the experience of creating and linking a user account to your plan
Clicking "Edit" lets your donors quickly edit their plan without needing to create an account. Here are just some of the new capabilities:
  • Added the ability to Cancel your recurring donation and select a cancelation reason
  • Added the ability to Pause your recurring donation indefinitely or for a specific length
  • Added the ability to resume paused plans
  • Added the ability to update your contact email for your recurring donation
  • Added the ability to edit your donation amount, fee, tip, and frequency
💬 New Notifications
We've add several new email notifications. Now, when a donor updates, cancels, pauses, or resumes their donations, you'll be notified. In addition, we'll also send the donor an email confirmation when they take action on their plan.
✅ Recent Platform Improvements
  • Added ability to set an account-wide timezone for the Dashboard. All dates and graphs will now display data in the selected timezone. If nothing is set manually, the timezone will default to your computer's local timezone.
  • Added ability to import Contact subscription status. Learn more
  • Contact info that isn't essential for assessing a contact's uniqueness can now be updated when the contact is re-added and detected as a duplicate. The field must be empty for the new value to apply. It will not overwrite existing data. Those fields are: middle_name, dob, company, title, twitter_url, linkedin_url, facebook_url. The note field is a special case where we will append the new note to the existing note (if the new note doesn't match the existing note).
  • Added the ability to see which filters were applied in Engage History
  • Improved the sort order of Engage messages, so ones currently being sent don't appear at the bottom.
  • You can now search by more than just area code for Engage SMS
  • Added a message informing users that links in Engage SMS will be shortened
  • Added display_name to team members API endpoint
  • Separated out the address fields in the Contact export
⚒️ Recent Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a validation issue triggered when importing the same recurring plans that were subsequently deleted
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Tools tab to crash when a campaign assigned to a keyword was deleted
  • Fixed a bug related to image validation in the supporter feed
  • Fixed an issue with transactions not exporting in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with timestamps in the Contact timeline note type
  • Fixed a bug related to the unsubscribe functionality of contacts
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when deleting and re-adding an Engage domain
  • Fixed an issue where not all campaigns were appearing for Elements
  • Fixed a bug that caused QR PDFs not to generate properly
  • Fixed an issue where team member scores weren't calculated correctly
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Givebutter Elements: Every Page is a Donation Page
The most powerful way to drive donations to your campaigns is to put calls to action right where your donors already are: on your website!
Elements Marketing GIF
Embed Elements on your website by copy-pasting provided HTML code into the editor area of the site where you'd like them to appear.
✨Element Types
: add a customized Donation Bubble to your website that displays a donation form when clicked. By default, your Donation Bubble will float in the bottom right-hand corner of every page of your website. Learn more →
: add a customized Donate Button anywhere on your website that displays a donation form when clicked. Learn more →
: add our donor-friendly donation forms to any page on your website. Learn more →
Element Types
Check out a demo of Givebutter Elements in real-time
👍 [Recommended] Dynamic Elements
Easily create Elements and manage their configuration through the Dashboard. Creating your Elements from the Dashboard will allow you to dynamically update your customizations without needing to update your site's code. This includes customizing colors, borders, and other styles and is the recommended method for using Elements.
Review our getting started guide and visit the Dashboard to create your first Element.
🚧 [Advanced] Coded Elements
If you'd like complete control over Elements, you can create them directly with our library. Visit the Coded Elements section to learn how to develop Elements using HTML, JavaScript, and more.
📈Source Tracking & Analytics
Whether you are using a Bubble, Button, or Form, Source Tracking is automatically available, enabling you to make smarter marketing decisions by knowing how each donor found your fundraising campaign. Source Tracking data automatically flows directly into Track, our completely free donor management CRM. Track source data no matter what page of your website a donor visits first and for up to 30 days when the donor leaves and comes back later to make their donation.
To pass source tracking data (aka attribution data) to your Givebutter Dashboard, add unique URL parameters to each marketing link/URL pointing to your website.
  • All UTM parameters are supported.
  • Pass custom parameters using Givebutter's gba_ prefix
  • Parameters also pass to Google Analytics when installed on your website
🆕 Additional Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Stop automated donor invites when a campaign is no longer active
  • Added fees covered by donors in Transaction sidebar
  • Fixed an issue where recurring plans got stuck in a processing state
  • Fixed a bug related to contact creation via the API
📢 Do you have something you'd love to see changed or added to Givebutter? Visit https://community.givebutter.com to share your thoughts with our team.
DonorSearch Integration: View wealth & philanthropic data of your Contacts 🧠
🔎 DonorSearch
We're excited to announce a native integration between Givebutter and DonorSearch. Thanks to this integration, revealing a donor's giving capacity has never been easier. Givebutter users have access to DonorSearch's robust prospect research data with a single click inside any Givebutter Contact profile.
How it works
DonorSearch's wealth screening tools are baked right into Givebutter Contacts. You're able to analyze supporters based on their capacity and likelihood to give. Instead of guessing at your fundraising strategy, you'll go in knowing who to ask and which appeal to make to increase your odds of securing a donation.
Integration Features
  • Surface the public wealth information and philanthropic track record of individuals directly from the Givebutter Dashboard using DonorSearch's Integrated Search
  • Navigate directly to any Givebutter Contact's DonorSearch Advanced Profile with a single click
  • Coming Soon: Advanced Filters & Bulk Search
DonorSearch flow
DonorSearch data available inside Givebutter Contacts:
  • DonorSearch Rating
  • Target Based On Wealth
  • Major Gift Likelihood
  • Annual Gift Likelihood
  • Total Likely External Gift Amount
  • Lowest External Gift Amount
  • Largest Gift Organization
Learn more about these data points in our DonorSearch Help Center article.
✅ Other Improvements
  • Added ability to export QR code by jpg, png and svg formats in addition to the existing PDF export
  • Add a hint for users to press the Enter key if a new tag is being added.
  • Added a hint for character limit for the subject field (Engage Email)
  • Improve reliability of video embed responsiveness on campaign pages
  • Added status field to /campaigns API endpoints
  • Addressed an issue where non-dashboard access users weren't redirected to their profile pages if they landed in the dashboard
  • Addressed an issue where modified recurring plans would fail to sync to Bloomerang on subsequent charges.
  • Added Fund designation to receipts and admin notifications
⚒️ Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where <hr> tags we're being stripped from Engage Emails
  • Fixed a bug that causes Engage SMS images not to upload in some cases
  • Fixed a longstanding issue that caused a scroll bar to appear when moving between steps in the donation flow
  • Fixed a pesky Dashboard crash in some versions of Safari
  • Fixed several issues related to pagination in the dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where SMS history would display the wrong status
  • Fixed a dashboard crash related to the duplicates screen
  • Fixed a redirect issue related to Short URL tracers
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The Fastest Way To Reach Supporters: Outbound Text Blasts 🚀
When you want to raise money or publicize events, it's vital to reach your audience quickly. With text messages, you can connect with supporters wherever they are, and they're more likely to open a text message than an email. That's what makes Givebutter's newest feature, Outbound Text Blasts, the ideal solution for stewarding your supporters and keeping them engaged. You're now able to reach your supporters at a moment's notice, with a 99% open rate in a matter of minutes while collecting invaluable data and analytics.
Outbound Text Blasts
💬How Outbound Text Blasts Work
  • Search and choose a phone number by area code or state — completely free!
  • Include media (1MB limit; png, jpeg, gif supported), merge variables (contact first & last supported), and up to 450 characters + emojis in your SMS message.
  • Automatic URL shortening with Givebutter's short domain: giveb.co allows for click-through tracking and automatic revenue tracking when you include a Givebutter campaign URL (plus it saves your character count!)
  • Forward inbound messages to an email address of your choice and customize the auto-responder to respond to inbound texts.
Outbound Text Blast Editor
The Outbound Text Blasts feature is currently available for select accounts. Completing this form to request access to the feature and start sending Outbound Text Blasts today!
🚧Other Improvements
  • Registration fundraising now supports selecting a Team to join (only existing teams supported)
  • Added event organizer name to the calendar invite details.
  • Added the ability to pass in ?promo={code} into the URL to automatically apply a promo code. Learn more about how to leverage URL Parameters
  • Recurring Plans now retain the original fees at the time of the first charge and won't change even if you change your campaign type.
  • Transaction processing fees are now assessed on the transaction amount without the platform fee, leading to reduced fees across the board. Givebutter now swallows the processing fee on the platform fee (previously, this was only true for tips). Existing recurring plans have been updated to reflect this change.
  • Transaction processing fees are no longer pinned to the "cost to cover" charge when a donor did NOT cover fees, leading to reduced fees across the board. Previously the difference was assessed as a platform fee. Existing recurring plans have been updated to reflect this change.
🐛Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue whereby single line breaks in the Engage SMS were not being saved correctly.
📢 Do you have something you'd love to see changed or added to Givebutter? Visit https://community.givebutter.com to share your thoughts with our team.
30+ Improvements to Engage & New Features! 🤩
What's New inside Engage?!
As Engage has rolled out over the past few months, we've been continuously iterating and improving the product based on your feedback. We are proud to share the most anticipated enhancements inside Engage below.
💸 Introducing Revenue Tracking
Revenue tracking is now automatically enabled when a Givebutter campaign URL is included in any outbound message. You can now see the total revenue attribute to an Engage message, including which recipients supported your campaign and how much they gave.
Frame 916
🔔 Managing & Monitoring Subscription Status
We've added a checkbox at checkout for supporters to opt into communication from your organization. You can now manually unsubscribe/resubscribe individual Contacts to your Engage emails and texts and perform this action in bulk. Contact pages also display icons to indicate if the Contact unsubscribed from Engage messages. The ability to see which Contacts unsubscribed from an Engage message is also available.
Installation Modal
📧 Message Builder Improvements
  • The user interface (UI) for the email builder has been improved so the styling of the email editor will match the final email more closely
Frame 11
  • Improved the UI of adding email senders and branding settings
  • Added autosaving when editing the subject & sender fields and improved the autosaving frequency when editing a message body
  • Added the ability to include attachments to Engage Emails (5MB, 10 file limit)
  • Step 1 of the Message Builder now displays an indicator to show which Contacts do not have an email/phone number available and those who unsubscribed from your messages
  • Improved the UI of the scheduling section on Step 3 of the Message Builder
📈Overall Enhancements
  • Givebutter will automatically check the links in your messages to make sure they are valid before sending
  • Added the ability to edit the name of previously sent messages
  • The date in the History table now shows the date of sending instead of the creation date
  • Scheduled messages now display the time for sending in addition to the date
  • Improved error handling in multiple areas throughout the Message Builder
  • Contact recipient message estimates now take into account those who have unsubscribed
  • Message History features an improved design with additional message details
Highly Anticipated Features
📑End of Year Giving Reports
You can now generate donors’ end-of-year giving reports, also known as donor annual statements, and easily share them as a PDF or unique link. These reports contain a complete snapshot of donor history for the given reporting year, including all online transactions and any offline donations recorded on Givebutter by admins.
Sending an end-of-year giving report is an excellent way to give your donors a complete summary of their past years' contributions and simultaneously thank them again for their support. Watch a video demonstrating the process from beginning to end.
🏅Registration Fundraising is now in Beta
Registration Fundraising enhances the Team Member experience by adding a donation or ticket selection at the time of sign-up and page creation.
Team Members enjoy a simple login / sign-up flow with the ability to set their goal and share their story during the registration process. Admins can determine a minimum donation amount or required ticket selection at the time of registration and set a default/minimum goal and story template for Team Members.
Subscribe for updates on the features' self-service availability and contact [[email protected]] directly if you're interested in activating the Beta feature.
📢 Do you have something you’d love to see changed or added to Givebutter? Visit https://community.givebutter.com to share your thoughts with our team.
Text-to-Donate Short Code is here 📲
Optimizing your campaigns for mobile devices is essential, with more supporters than ever choosing mobile payment methods. Our dedicated Text-to-Donate 5-digit short code is a perfect way to engage donors and create a seamless giving experience right from their favorite device. This feature, like all our others, is entirely FREE. Click here for more details on how to set up Text-to-Donate.
💬How Text-to-Donate Works
  1. Your supporters text a keyword to 53-555
  2. In response, supporters will automatically receive a link to your secure, mobile-friendly campaign
  3. The unique link is tracked upon click and you'll be able to view stats on how much you've raised with Text-to-Donate
Try It Out _ Short Code
Text-to-Donate short codes are automatically available to all verified nonprofit accounts via the Tools tab of the Dashboard. If your account is not verified, complete the verification process or fill out this form to request access to the feature!
🔧 Other Improvements
  • Added the ability to edit imported plan amount
  • Added the ability to edit imported plan next bill date
  • Added support for decimals and other formats when importing recurring plans
  • When importing data, valid rows will now import instead of the entire import failing when there is an error
  • Added ability to download failed imported row
  • Added support for importing notes with contacts
  • Added company and title to the Contacts export
  • Added ability for recurring donors to add, edit, and delete payment methods in their profile page
  • Added ability for recurring donors to change their payment method on their profile page (only Cards supported)
  • Added the ability to reassign timeline items to other Contacts (transactions, tickets, etc). When reassigning a Recurring Plan, all the transactions relevant to the plan are also reassigned
  • Engage now re-checks DNS records to ensure they weren't removed. An email notification will be sent to the user, letting them know their domain is no longer connected and needs to be repaired
  • Added support for duplicating Engage messages
  • Updated Zapier experience in the dashboard with the ability to view your Zaps right there
  • Added Funds endpoints to the API (Read the Docs)
🐛 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the graph in the Home tab of the dashboard may have displayed stats on the wrong date in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where the "Read more" button on the Supporter Feed would not appear on some mobile devices
  • Fixed an issue causing contact stats not to update when merging contacts
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when merging two contacts and subsequently viewing Engage message history
📢 Do you have something you’d love to see changed or added to Givebutter? Visit https://community.givebutter.com to share your thoughts with our team.
New & Improved API Documentation
We've updated our API documentation to help developers find what they're looking for quicker, get started with our API faster, debug API calls, and generate code samples. Below are a few updates we'd like to call out!
1️⃣ Improved navigation
Find what you're looking for faster with improved nesting and endpoint navigation. Plus, object definitions can be found on the main resource page to help reduce clutter and improve readability.
  • Tell at a glance which parameters are required as you build your code samples. Improved nesting ensures your form stays clear and usable (even several layers "deep"!).
2️⃣ Dynamically generated code samples
You can now automatically generate code samples using the code editor in the right-hand panel. Add your form inputs and get a copy-and-pastable code snippet in any language. This is a great way to explore the docs and learn about the API.
  • Quickly switch between your most popular languages or use the dropdown for extended language support. Your chosen language will be saved as you navigate between endpoints as well.
3️⃣ Interactive API logs
Your API call request history is available at the top of the endpoint page and easily filtered by date range. Each request has a unique link you can send to our support team if you need assistance troubleshooting an API request. Calls made with the Try It playground show in the request history. Plus, once you're logged in, your API request history and key will be available the next time you visit the docs.
🚧 Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed an issue that prevented embedded videos from going into full-screen mode
  • Added better address validation to contact imports
  • Fixed an issue with contact de-duplication logic
  • Fix an issue where Engage badges would appear distorted on iPhone
📢 Do you have something you’d love to see changed or added to Givebutter? Visit https://community.givebutter.com to share your thoughts with our team.
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