Track UTM parameters for incoming donations 🔗
The ability to track your donor traffic is now available thanks to the support of UTM parameters. UTMs (short for Urchin Tracking Module) are pieces of information that accompany a link to your website. In this instance, they describe how and where a donor found your campaign page. That information can be used to understand and improve the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.
When applied, the following UTM parameters are now viewable in the Givebutter Transaction side panel and CSV export. 🔍
Campaign source
indicates the social network, search engine, newsletter name, or other specific source driving the traffic.
  • Examples: facebook, twitter, blog, newsletter, etc.
  • UTM code: utm_source
  • Sample code: utm_source=newsletter
Campaign medium
tracks the type of channel driving the traffic: organic social, paid social, email, etc.
  • Examples: cpc, organic_social
  • UTM code: utm_medium
  • Sample code: utm_medium=organic_social
Campaign name
gives each campaign a unique name so you can keep track of your efforts. This could be the product name, a contest name, a code to identify a specific sale or promotion, an influencer ID or a tagline.
  • Examples: summer_gala, fall_walk
  • UTM code: utm_campaign
  • Sample code: utm_campaign=summer_gala
Campaign term
is used to track paid keywords or key phrases.
  • Examples: social_media, fall_ball
  • UTM code: utm_term
  • Sample code: utm_term=fall_ball
Campaign content
allows you to track different ads within a campaign as is perfect for A/B testing
  • Examples: video_ad, text_ad, blue_banner, yellow_banner
  • UTM code: utm_content
  • Sample code: utm_content=video_ad
is the address of the webpage where a person clicked a link that sent them to your page.
🛠️ A simple tool like this allows you to easily add campaign parameters to URLs.
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