In addition to providing your organization with a sustainable revenue source, recurring giving on Givebutter creates a
hassle-free experience
for your donors. Today, we've launched several key improvements to take that even further.
🔁 All-New Recurring Donation Page
We're introducing a redesigned page for your donors to manage their recurring donation. It features an improved layout and lots of new information:
  • Added "Next bill date" and "Bill day of month"
  • Added payment method icon and last 4 digits when applicable
  • Improved the experience of creating and linking a user account to your plan
Clicking "Edit" lets your donors quickly edit their plan without needing to create an account. Here are just some of the new capabilities:
  • Added the ability to Cancel your recurring donation and select a cancelation reason
  • Added the ability to Pause your recurring donation indefinitely or for a specific length
  • Added the ability to resume paused plans
  • Added the ability to update your contact email for your recurring donation
  • Added the ability to edit your donation amount, fee, tip, and frequency
💬 New Notifications
We've add several new email notifications. Now, when a donor updates, cancels, pauses, or resumes their donations, you'll be notified. In addition, we'll also send the donor an email confirmation when they take action on their plan.
✅ Recent Platform Improvements
  • Added ability to set an account-wide timezone for the Dashboard. All dates and graphs will now display data in the selected timezone. If nothing is set manually, the timezone will default to your computer's local timezone.
  • Added ability to import Contact subscription status. Learn more
  • Contact info that isn't essential for assessing a contact's uniqueness can now be updated when the contact is re-added and detected as a duplicate. The field must be empty for the new value to apply. It will not overwrite existing data. Those fields are: middle_name, dob, company, title, twitter_url, linkedin_url, facebook_url. The note field is a special case where we will append the new note to the existing note (if the new note doesn't match the existing note).
  • Added the ability to see which filters were applied in Engage History
  • Improved the sort order of Engage messages, so ones currently being sent don't appear at the bottom.
  • You can now search by more than just area code for Engage SMS
  • Added a message informing users that links in Engage SMS will be shortened
  • Added display_name to team members API endpoint
  • Separated out the address fields in the Contact export
⚒️ Recent Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a validation issue triggered when importing the same recurring plans that were subsequently deleted
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Tools tab to crash when a campaign assigned to a keyword was deleted
  • Fixed a bug related to image validation in the supporter feed
  • Fixed an issue with transactions not exporting in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with timestamps in the Contact timeline note type
  • Fixed a bug related to the unsubscribe functionality of contacts
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when deleting and re-adding an Engage domain
  • Fixed an issue where not all campaigns were appearing for Elements
  • Fixed a bug that caused QR PDFs not to generate properly
  • Fixed an issue where team member scores weren't calculated correctly
📢 Do you have something you'd love to see changed or added to Givebutter? Visit to share your thoughts with our team.