The Fastest Way To Reach Supporters: Outbound Text Blasts 🚀
When you want to raise money or publicize events, it's vital to reach your audience quickly. With text messages, you can connect with supporters wherever they are, and they're more likely to open a text message than an email. That's what makes Givebutter's newest feature, Outbound Text Blasts, the ideal solution for stewarding your supporters and keeping them engaged. You're now able to reach your supporters at a moment's notice, with a 99% open rate in a matter of minutes while collecting invaluable data and analytics.
Outbound Text Blasts
💬How Outbound Text Blasts Work
  • Search and choose a phone number by area code or state — completely free!
  • Include media (1MB limit; png, jpeg, gif supported), merge variables (contact first & last supported), and up to 450 characters + emojis in your SMS message.
  • Automatic URL shortening with Givebutter's short domain: allows for click-through tracking and automatic revenue tracking when you include a Givebutter campaign URL (plus it saves your character count!)
  • Forward inbound messages to an email address of your choice and customize the auto-responder to respond to inbound texts.
Outbound Text Blast Editor
The Outbound Text Blasts feature is currently available for select accounts. Completing this form to request access to the feature and start sending Outbound Text Blasts today!
🚧Other Improvements
  • Registration fundraising now supports selecting a Team to join (only existing teams supported)
  • Added event organizer name to the calendar invite details.
  • Added the ability to pass in ?promo={code} into the URL to automatically apply a promo code. Learn more about how to leverage URL Parameters
  • Recurring Plans now retain the original fees at the time of the first charge and won't change even if you change your campaign type.
  • Transaction processing fees are now assessed on the transaction amount without the platform fee, leading to reduced fees across the board. Givebutter now swallows the processing fee on the platform fee (previously, this was only true for tips). Existing recurring plans have been updated to reflect this change.
  • Transaction processing fees are no longer pinned to the "cost to cover" charge when a donor did NOT cover fees, leading to reduced fees across the board. Previously the difference was assessed as a platform fee. Existing recurring plans have been updated to reflect this change.
🐛Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue whereby single line breaks in the Engage SMS were not being saved correctly.
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