With the most recent widget update, you can:
  • Add a goal bar to your form widget
  • Embed a standalone goal bar or thermometer on your website.
To customize your goal bar widget, select the campaign you want to manage and then go to
Adding a goal bar to your form widget
You add a goal bar to a Form widget by navigating to the configuration screen for the widget you're updating and enabling the
Goal bar
setting and clicking
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Once enabled, you'll see the goal bar appear on your form widget.
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Setting up a standalone goal bar widget
To set up a standalone goal bar widget, navigate to
on the campaign dashboard.
To configure, click the configuration icon. If it's disabled, you'll need to set a goal on the
tab of your campaign.
You can customize the widget to fit the look and feel of your organization's website. Additionally, you can choose between a
progress ba
r or
as the goal bar type.
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Pika UI
Once you've configured your widget, hit
. When you're ready to embed, click
from the
tab and follow the instructions provided.
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