Nonprofit Verification Benefits 💛
Today we are more widely (and officially), opening up Nonprofit Verification to all. All registered nonprofits are eligible to be verified on Givebutter and will receive a special badge and exclusive benefits. Read on to learn about the benefits and how to get verified in under 1 minute.
💸 Automated Payouts
- Traditionally, all payouts made to your bank account need to be manually initiated from the Dashboard. For verified accounts on Givebutter, we can upgrade you to daily Automated Payouts.
✅ Verification badge on your campaign pages
- Verified nonprofits are indicated by a special checkmark across all Givebutter pages, which gives donors peace of mind and added confidence when giving to your organization.
🙈 EIN number displayed on your email receipts
- Your EIN is automatically included on all email receipts.
💰 Faster settlement time
- Typically, all donations on Givebutter remain pending for 72 hours before they become available for withdrawal. When verified, your payments will settle in just 48 hours.
🏦 ACH Payments
- Allow your supporters to donate using their bank accounts. ACH Payments have a lower Processing Fee of 1.9% + 30¢ per transaction. That is 1% lower than all other payment methods on Givebutter!
To get started, visit your Dashboard or click here to learn more.
Note: if your nonprofit was verified with Givebutter prior to December 2nd, 2020, you will need to complete the new verification process. Don’t worry! We won’t remove your verification badge right away, but we recommend completing the new verification process as quickly as possible. The new verification is more secure and also includes the new faster settlement times for your transactions!
More new features
💌 Branded email subjects
- Email receipts to your supporters now display your organization's name instead of "Givebutter".
📢 Do you have something you’d love to see changed or added to Givebutter? Visit to share your thoughts with our team.