We have a great, new way to manage your notifications in the dashboard. All of your notification settings are now centrally located under Account ➡️ Settings ➡️ My Notifications.
Gone are the days of navigating to each campaign to manage its notifications—manage all of your campaigns individually under “Individual Campaigns”.
We also added toggling notifications on/off account-wide as a special treat! No need to manage campaigns individually unless you really need to.
New Notification Controls
We expanded the notifications that are within your control. In addition to being notified about new transactions, we added the following:
  • Ongoing recurring donations
    - Sent when a recurring donation is automatically made to a campaign.
  • Recurring plan event
    - Sent when a recurring plan is: canceled, paused, resumed, updated, or fails a transaction.
  • Team member registered
    - Sent when a new team member joins a campaign.
Navigation Changes
Along with these updates, we took the liberty of updating the Account Settings navigation to be more intuitive. The “Branding” and “Landing Page” tabs are now sub-tabs under the “About” tab. The “Tools” tab has been broken up and redistributed as sub-tabs under the new “Settings” tab, which is also where you’ll find “My Notifications”.
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