Meet ThankGiving: Personalized Video Fundraising 💛
We are excited to announce that we've partnered up with ThankView, the leader in video marketing amongst schools and nonprofits, to bring you...ThankGiving!
Combine the best in personalized stewardship and fundraising under one roof to help you raise more money, thank donors faster, and improve ROI tracking. With ThankGiving, you can easily record and send thousands of one-on-one videos for appeals, solicitations, and thank-yous – via email and text message – all fully-integrated with the Givebutter platform.
Close the Fundraising Loop 🔄
Personalize with Video Appeals –
Create individualized video solicitations coupled with branded forms and fundraising pages
Raise More Money –
Collecting donations and raising funds as a team has never been easier with almost all payment forms accepted and transparent low fees
Say "Thank You" Faster –
Donor data is instantly added into ThankView so you can start stewarding right away
Track Progress & Analyze Results –
We’ve married engagement analytics with donation data to showcase your ROI & help make the next step
Personalized Video, Meet Givebutter 💛
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Push Donor Data Directly Into ThankView ⚡️
Fully-integrated –
Automatically add donors to ThankView campaigns to thank them within seconds of a gift being made
Data-driven personalization –
Instantly pull in relevant data points like donation amount, designation and years giving to personalize each message
Powerful conversion tracking –
Track all your donations in your ThankViews metrics dashboard to see your ROI in real-time
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