Manage Givebutter Contacts with Zapier & the REST API
📖 Contact Management
With the introduction of Track last month, the world's first completely free non-profit CRM, we've committed more resources to building new features to help you manage your supporters. Today we've added the ability to manage Contacts using Zapier and the REST API. These new additions will allow you to create, update, and delete Contact records in your Givebutter CRM using external tools and services.
⚡️ Create Contacts with Zapier
Interested in skipping the coding and easily automating workflows associated with your Givebutter Contacts? Now you can create Zaps to do just that.
Example use cases
  • Your organization is using Givebutter and another software system together. You need accurate contact information in both systems and don’t want to spend time making manual updates. Use the endpoints to integrate the two systems and sync Contact information.
  • Your organization captures email addresses through a website form and would like those people to be added as Contacts in Givebutter, automatically. Use the endpoints to create new and update existing Contact information.
🎉 More New Features
  • 🎥 We've added the ability to include YouTube videos in Engage emails. Just paste in your video URL and we'll handle the rest. Because email clients don't support embedded videos, we'll automatically look up the thumbnail image from YouTube, display it beautifully with a play button overlaid atop, and link it to the video.
🐛 Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed a bug preventing the ability to add emails to a contact record from the dashboard
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Contact count to display incorrectly in Engage
  • Fixed an issue where the font color not applying correctly in Engage emails
  • Fixed an issue related to sorting by the Name column in the dashboard
  • Fixed an issue related to searching by Name in the dashboard
  • Fixed a bug that caused the email share button to break when an ampersand was in the campaign title
  • Fixed a bug that caused imported contacts to be tagged with an empty tag unintentionally
  • Fixed a bug that excluded ticket numbers in search results of the Tickets tab
  • Fixed a bug that caused some accounts to not have access to the new Campaign Updates feature
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Add to Calendar button not to appear on campaign pages
  • Fixed a bug that caused import error line numbers to be off by one
  • Corrected several issues with the mobile sidebar in the dashboard
  • Fixed a bug where archived Contacts would be included in some Engage filters
📢 Do you have something you’d love to see changed or added to Givebutter? Visit to share your thoughts with our team.