Introducing Contacts 📇
With the addition of the Contacts tab to the Dashboard, you will be able to view and manage your supporter history in one place. New supporters automatically create contacts while de-duplication logic keeps things neat and tidy. An up-to-date list of contacts will be generated from your supporter history, so don't worry about handling that manually.
Profiles and history
- See each supporter in more detail with a full summary broken down into relevant sections. The Timeline section displays a chronological history of activity such as transactions, ticket purchases, and more.
A contact's details page
Manage personal information
- Handle personal data, emails, phone numbers, addresses, and social links. Mark an email, phone number, or address as the primary to ensure the right one is used.
An email is created and made primary
View transaction, ticket, and recurring payment history
- Data normally spread across three tabs are conveniently consolidated for each contact.
Export and search
- Rest assured that the utilities you've come to expect (export and search) will be provided in the Contacts tab.
Merge contacts
- The merge feature combines the current contact into another contact of your choosing, removing the original as a duplicate without sacrificing any data. Use caution! This action is irreversible.
A merge action is performed
We are most proud to share that this feature is
! 🎉 That's
unlimited contacts
with all of these features at no cost to you. Head over to your Dashboard to give it a try. We hope you love it!
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