Major Releases
General Improvements
  • Account admins can toggle supporter feed notifications on and off for all campaigns or on a per campaign basis. This can be toggled from
  • Increased size of
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    icon on the transactions details view for admins.
  • Resolved several issues that prevented donations from successfully syncing to Bloomerang.
  • Fixed bullet list styling in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors to ensure text size is consistent with non-bulleted text.
  • Added a "Campaign Code" column to the Campaigns table on the "All Campaigns" page.
  • Campaign countdown timer will now show the number of months and weeks remaining (ex. 1 month 3 weeks remaining) so that it is more accurate when there is more than a month left in a campaign.
  • Sharing a campaign team member page via email will now link to that team member’s page instead of the campaign page.
  • Click “Load more” team members from a team page w/ more than 12 members should no longer load all members for the entire campaign.
  • Launched the Givebutter Status page: This page will display the status for: Fundraising Pages, the API, the Dashboard, and the Marketing Site.
  • The donate modal on campaign pages will no longer close when clicking on the background and instead only on the X button.
  • The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor for auction item descriptions now has an emoji picker.
  • When using an auction filter, results will now sort by ending soonest first.
  • When searching on the auctions page, a message now appears if there are no results matching a search.